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What help do you need to grow your tech business in Manchester?

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As we over at LAUNCH in MediaCity, only 10 minutes from Manchester city centre, have access to some FULLY FUNDED tickets for training days.

These trainings days, funded by Europe to help Manchester grow, are all about growing your tech business and becoming a scale-able business. What is great for your business is great for Manchester. Which in turn is great for Europe (until perhaps we leave?)

No matter whether you believe we should have left Europe or not. Such fully funded training is going to get rarer and rarer. So jump at the chance and sign up for it.

The places are limited due to the free nature of the training and the high calibre of the trainers for the programme.

So why would we give away training for FREE?

It’s all to do with our mission here at LAUNCH.

We want to be The New Playground For Growing Tech Businesses. 

Not just Manchester and Media City where we are based, but in the whole of the UK. We want to be THE place for clever tech dev teams, like yours, to come and BUILD, PROVE and TEST their MVP's for the #VR/AR, #IoT and #Healthtech spaces. Technologies and industries that will change the way we live our lives today for years to come.

So investing in training for our companies at LAUNCH even before we launch is very much with our mission to help train companies as well as scale them. These fully funded workshops for you to attend for free are us putting our money where our mouth is. 

These ERDF funded events at The Landing are designed to be intensive, real-world training sessions geared towards helping companies tackle barriers to growth. 

They include Scale-Up Bootcamp (October 20-21) and Technical Sales (November 17-18). Click on them to attend for FREE. I kid you not. 

So what do you get access to:

Sound good? I think so. 

Which is why I am so happy for LAUNCH to be a client of mine. We are doing what many other organisations are shying away from.

  • We are training people to help themselves.
  • We are helping tech companies become scale able assets.
  • We are creating new tech companies that have positive cultures (more to come on that later…)

We Are LAUNCH at The Landing in Media City UK

LAUNCH at The Landing in Media City UK - want to know more - join the list below.

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